Stand-alone stories

Addendum 35d

(32k) NC-17

Oh for heaven's sake, there's SMUT! Smut, I tell you!


(52K) NC-17

Scully reaches a turning point in her relationship with Mulder.

A Resonable Compromise

(16k) PG

Mulder and Scully, um, talk. About their relationship. My God! That's never been done before!


(52k) NC-17

On the day of his 38th birthday, Mulder decides to reveal the truth to Scully
and see where it gets him... (where do you think?)


(20k) NC-17

Scully ruminates on Catholic jokes, Mulder's connection to sea water and sex.

Goblins & Ghosts

(52k) PG-13

Mulder and Scully investigate a series of mysterious deaths
affecting a family of kids, which finds Scully pensive and Mulder
concerned. No real smut, lots of Mulder angst.

Grand Seven

(116k) NC-17

When Mulder voluntarily disappears, Scully traces him to an oil
drilling platform in the Grand Banks. But what she finds there
will lead her to question everything she believes she knows about...
extra-terrestrials (said in Pilot!Mulder voice).
Features Krycek the Wonder Assassin, CGB Splendifferous and other
favorites! And actually, it's not funny, contrary to the tone of this summary.

The Last Crusade

(32k) NC-17

Mulder and Scully do a little digging...

The Other Man

(76k) R

Something's wrong with Mulder and Scully goes nuts, a bit.
Or does she? This puppy is dark, dark, dark and gloomy.
There's some love in there. And some physics mumbo-jumbo.
And a bunch of science I know nothing about.


(32k) NC-17 [MSR, M/O pre-XF]

Scully asks Mulder to tell her about his first time. He does.


(72k) NC-17

After hearing Mr. Carter say that our beloved sexually frustrated agents
would indulge in some "traditional" practice on New Years Eve,
and the cynical chorus of "what, singing Auld Lang Syne?" from fans,
I decided we all know what we WANT them to do.
This has no plot, no redeaming social values,
lots of sexy Scrabble and some other games. Enjoy.

Random Untitled Case File #4664

(100k) R

Mulder and Scully set out to solve a case. The Author tags along. Literally.