Post-episode Fics

The Airport

(55k) NC-17+, MSR/Smut, humor

Post-'The Goldberg Variation'.

Up, up and away!

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Amor Fati Redux

(17k) PG, M/S UST

'Amor Fati' Spoilers

Um, it's a summary. Of what I think happened.
Ooo, NOW you're interested, not. 


(17k) PG

'Deep Throat' Spoilers

SUMMARY: In the midst of her second case with Fox Mulder, F...B...I...,
Dana Scully reflects on her new job, her partner and her past.


(17k) PG

"Requiem" Spoilers.

Scully tells her mother. 


(18k) NC-17, MSR/Smut

Post "all things"

Take a wild guess.

Reality Check

(11k) PG

Post-'First Person Shooter'

The difference between reality and fantasy, Mulder-style.


(31k) NC-17, MSR

Post-'En Ami'

Mulder and Scully have friends! No, really. They go bowling
They witness a break-up. Soul-searching ensues (of course).