Butt, Montana

(24k) R

Scully goes on a date. Mulder is incensed! Comedy and Love ensue.

Hellhole, Idaho

(28k) R/NC-17

Mulder has a... heh heh... *head* cold.

Conversation Piece

(16k) R

Guess who end up having phone sex. Huh? Oh c'mon, guess.

Conversation Piece 2: A New Hope

(24k) R

Scully's driving up from San Diego to Seattle and is stuck in a storm and gee,
Mulder's got a cell phone. What do you THINK is going to happen?

Hog Heaven

(36k) PG-13

Mulder and Scully go in search of a "motorcycle-riding, shape-shifting,
Elvis hair-do sporting alien" and discover something about themselves in the process.

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Hog Heaven 2: Return of the Alien Elvis

(24k) PG

Scully has a life-changing experience at the hands of the Elvis Alien.


(28K) NC-17, MSR

Scully is caught doing something... erm... private.
Mulder decides to let her know the feelings are mutual

Mutual 2: Son of Mutual

(28k) NC-17

Back by popular demand, Mulder and Scully continue to prove to each other
that the feeling is... you got it, Mutual.

Mutual 3: This Time It's Personal

(32k) NC-17

Returning in the third installment of this little series,
Mulder and Scully go to the Bureau Ball (thanks to whoever
gave me the idea to try and blow the lid off that
cliche-ridden experience) and find themselves...
in between a rock and a *hard* place?

Mutual 4: Mutual in Space

(28k) NC-17

Mulder and Scully finally do the deed and hundreds of fan fic
readers around the world get off my back... kidding.
No really, you guys have been fantastic in spurring me on
to this climax (I'll stop now before someone gets hurt).

The Video

(20k) R/NC-17

Ripe, juicy smut-chutney. Diana gives Mulder a gift.

The Video 2: The Sequel

(24k) NC-17

Scully gets her revenge. Frohike gets more than he bargained for. Fun ensues.